Our nationwide team of experts work on projects of all sizes and uses. Having a single solution for Mixed Use Developments allows our clients to rest easy from start to finish.

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How we can help:

With a streamlined approach, a comprehensive network of experts, and a proven track record of experience, we can identify issues quickly and minimise them.

When the mixture of residential, retail, commercial and leisure are combined, there are naturally more challenges; we are here to help. Our teams deliver these projects with tight coordination and meticulous planning, with a proven track record of saving time and resources.


Single Solution

At Network Plus Multi Utility, our experienced engineers and in-house design teams are experts in delivering plans, whatever the size and whatever the use. We provide you with an efficient service.

Network Plus Multi Utility is your single point of contact and can assist you from start to end with these services:

  • Waste
  • Gas
  • Power
  • Telecoms
  • EV Charging Points
  • Water Testing & Chlorination

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