We provide a turnkey solution for new electrical connections, supporting you through design, construction and connection to the network.

Our qualified and accredited engineers are ready to deliver the right solution for your electric needs. We design bespoke connection solutions to suit any project, from large retail complex to long-term residential projects. Our experience and well-established national presence through the Network Plus Group means we are a safe pair of hands to deliver your electric needs.

underground pipework for cables
small power plyons

Complete electric solutions

At Network Plus Multi Utility, we offer design, installation of LV and up to 11kV mains and services, including excavation, backfill and reinstatement, substation design and installation.

We will leverage our extensive experience and relationship with the UK’s Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to design and deliver your electric infrastructure. Our teams work in accordance to your local Electricity DNO, that will ultimately adopt and maintain the connection, guaranteeing you a safe and reliable supply.

  • Service and mains connections
  • Temporary builder’s electricity supply
  • Disconnections
  • Diversions
  • Substation installation and commissioning
  • Streetlighting Connections

Disconnecting your electricity

Our engineers provide permanent and temporary disconnections.

For temporary disconnections, we will arrange for the meter to be removed, and electricity supply cut off until the work has been completed. When ready for supplies to be restored, we will arrange for reinstallation and resupply.

For permanent disconnections, we will liaise with the relevant parties to ensure the disconnection is safe and efficient.

electric meter
house under construction

Temporary Builders Supplies (TBS)

We can provide a Temporary Builders Supply (TBS) as a temporary source of power supply for developments and schemes where there is no access to a permanent source of electricity.

A TBS can be used for up to one year, and can be invaluable to get your site up and running.

Substation Design Installation (up to 11kV)

Network Plus Multi Utility is accredited to carry out LV mains design and HV (up to 11kV) design, including substation works for residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use developments. As part of our design process, our designers will assess the project to determine the most cost-effective solution, making recommendations and working closely with your project team.

Our engineers can complete Live and non-Live LV cable jointing across DNO networks, using various specifications and manufacturers of cable joints. For 11kV jointing, we complete all relevant cable works to the point of connection to the existing host DNO network. These works include all cable laying, jointing, and pre-commissioning testing in preparation for the energisation of the network.

Our installation process includes periodic testing to identify any issues at every stage.

overhead power lines from plyon
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Streetlighting connections

We provide a full lighting solution for developments of all sizes, making it easier for our clients to manage their complex development projects.

Our teams are experienced in delivering the design, installation, testing, fault diagnosis, repair or replacement lighting.